The best place to invest

If you were to read any personal development book, then you would realize that many of the gurus in the world today and of the past would tell you that the best place to invest is in yourself.

Now, you may be putting $40,000 in securities or in stocks and you may think that it would increase by about 10%. But what really happens is this, you are putting in something that you have no control over because the market may change, anything may change. But one thing that you definitely have control over is how YOU are going to change. Now you are in total control of how you can grow as a person. So in my opinion, the best place to invest is definitely in your mind.

In the best-selling book called ‘Master your mind, design your destiny’ by Adam Khoo, he mentions that he invest in stocks and shares, but he ultimately spends most of his money investing in his personal development. He recounts to his participants that if he invest $4000 in a stock and it rises by 10% over the course of one year, he will be very happy. But as he did his calculations, he realized that 10% of $4000 is a mere $400. But if he were to put in $4000 into himself for education or in other words, if he were to invest himself, after a course of one-year, he’s almost hundred percent sure that the amount of profits he’ll make is definitely more than $400. So a 10% interest on a share is definitely not a good investment compared to investing in himself. So that is why the best place to invest is always in your own mind. When Adam makes the decision to study NLP or Nero Linguistic Programming, his life changed forever. At the age of 26 he was able to reach the goal of earning $1 million. He started his first business when he was only 15 years old. That was a very very clear calculated investment in himself. So as you are reading this article, you will begin to realize that the best place to invest is not in shares, in books or in real estate but really in this space between your ears.

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Perry is a trainer with Singapore’s largest training company. Learning from his NLP master trainer mentors, he quit his dead end civil service job and now work as a platform speaker and intrapreneur. With his designed success system of the “Empowering Communicator”, he helps others achieve success a step at a time. To find the success system that got him started, click here.


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