Renting Apartments Vs Owning a Home

For some people home ownership is not a realistic option. You may have credit issues that prevent you from securing a loan, or you may not have enough money saved up for a down payment. Perhaps you are just starting out and are not ready to own a home yet. Whatever the reason, apartments provide a nice alternative for many people.

Many complexes offer a variety of luxuries and amenities. Some of these luxuries include business centers with internet access, clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic areas or playgrounds, laundry rooms and workout facilities. Residents have the convenience of having these luxuries at their disposal without all the hassle or cost of upkeep and maintenance.

Another huge benefit to renting is not having to deal with yard work or maintenance issues. Unless you rent from a private owner who requires you to maintain the yard yourself, tenants do not have to hassle with mowing grass, raking leaves, or planting flowers. The complex will hire a lawn service to take care of those issues on a weekly basis. There will also be a maintenance crew to handle any repair issues residents may have. For many people this is peace of mind because if anything breaks they do not have to worry about the expense to fix it!

The type of amenities that are offered make apartments very appealing to people. Many amenities come standard in all units and others may require you to pay extra. Some of the standard amenities may include dishwashers, ceiling fans, vaulted ceilings and washers and dryers in the units. Certain units may have other options that residents will pay a higher monthly rent for. These items may include storage areas, garages, hardwood floors or alarm systems. Many complexes will include some of the utilities in the monthly rental fee, such as water, trash and basic cable.

Just like anything, there can be some drawbacks to complex living. You do have neighbors to contend with, so sometimes noise can be a problem. You are also paying for a property that you will never own. If you live on an upper floor you do have to carry groceries and your trash up and down the stairs. Depending on the complex sometimes parking can be an issue, especially if you have a lot of guests over.

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks comes if you are a pet owner. Pet owners are usually required to pay an extra deposit up front, and sometimes even an extra monthly fee. Many complexes have breed and weight restrictions, so sometimes finding a place to rent can be tough if you have extremely large dogs or dogs that are considered aggressive breeds. Some places will require owners to show pictures of their pet as well as current vet records.

Overall apartments tend to have more pros than cons for the residents who live there. If this is the style of living that you choose make sure you visit lots of different complexes before making a final decision. You want your new place to have all the comforts of home.

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